An excellent place to move if you are moving into Naples is Lely Resort, one of the largest and most exclusive golfing communities in the city. It is enormous, consisting of over 5000 homes, and has three golf courses that have been designed by professional golfers. Prices for moving in starts at a very low $165,000, and you can even get into a condominium for far less than that. It’s an incredible deal, even when looking at the $45,000 you will have to spend to participate as a golfer, and there are many other reasons to consider this location as your top choice when moving into Naples golf community.

Why Many People Recommend Lely Resort

Many people recommend this golfing community because of the vast selection of homes that are currently available on the market. When you look at how many golf courses you get to play on for the membership fee, it’s one of the lowest in all of Naples. There are social gatherings that you can participate in for a minimal $1500 membership fee. This will give you access to all of those social gatherings and activities, at the country club, and outside of that facility. People also recommend it because of its location which is close to schools which are perfect for families. It’s also very near the Gulf of Mexico. When you look at the layout, because of how large it is, there will always be places that you can ride your bike, jog, or just go for a walk to experience the natural beauty.

How Can You Make Offers On These Homes?

The easiest way to start making offers on homes that are currently available is to contact a realtor representing several of the properties. You will find them by looking at the MLS listings, and they can present your offer to those that are selling the properties. If you can get in, this will be an investment that will pay for itself many times over. Properties in Naples are always increasing in value. For those that are lifelong golfers, you will never be disappointed with the golf courses, allowing you to switch from one to the other very easily, all of which will be both challenging and fun.

How To Just Get A Golfing Membership

The membership for golfing can be purchased if it is available. They only allow 650 total members. Given that there are several thousand people that live in this community, obtaining one of these memberships is quite difficult. You can contact the resort to learn how to do this. If your only goal is to golf at this resort, this would be the proper course of action. If you can purchase one, it may become your favorite golf club membership because it has so much to offer.

Living at Lely Resort will probably be one of the best financial decisions that you ever make. The cost of moving in is minimal, and the value of the property is continually increasing, making this a very good real estate investment. Best of all, if you enjoy golfing, you will be able to go out every day and play golf on one of the three golf courses, plus participate in whatever social events are happening. All of this is possible for people that become members and residents of Lely Resort, one of the best-golfing communities in the city of Naples.